Lily Rue
Asher Opal
Gaia Willow
Rhys Ember

Meet the Hounds

AKA Reese Cup, Sweet Girl

AKA Goose, Biggie

AKA Patch, Baddie

AKA Rooster, Pocket Rocket

Mila Ariana

AKA Chi Chi Ween, Little Tits

Gaia, 2/7/2016, was being given away outside of Target in Nashville, TN. As a labhound puppy she was the first hound of the pack. Gaia is well-traveled, loves plane rides, car rides, and running the beach.
Rhys, unknown (~2015), was abandoned in the woods, presumably as a 'failed' hunting dog. She loves the quiet things in life and sleeping is her past time. Her favorite spot is her parent's bed 22 hours a day. She is the pure bred of the hounds.
Asher, 7/12/2017, was adopted after her elder owner passed away. She loves being mischievous and destruction follows in her wake. Ash loves jumping tall fences and nonstop running. She is the most cuddly of all the hounds and hunts mice, bugs, and attention.
Lily, 6/11/2019, was part of a black and tan coonhound litter, that with her mother, was going to be killed. Luckily, the rescue let us know and we flew to Indiana to bring her home. She enjoys annoying Rhys. She is the runt, very sweet, and sensitive with the loudest hound bay of the pack.
Mila, 10/14/2018, was supposedly a pomchi but modern-day DNA testing showed she is a chihuahua, sheepdog, dachshund, and mini poodle. Also given away at Target, in Oregon, at 3.9 lbs she thinks she runs the hound pack. She cannot go hunting with dad, so instead she hunts good looks.


Redbone Coonhound

Black and Tan Coonhound

German Shorthaired Pointer

Chihuahua Mix

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a black dog holding a duck in its mouth
a black dog holding a duck in its mouth
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